Uncommon Student Housing Market Boom

Just from living in Eugene over the past three years, it is easy to tell how fast the student housing market is growing. With the growing industry, investors are flocking in to get their hands on these multi-million dollar projects.

An example of this growing market right here in town is Uncommon Apartments. This new and wildly successful, purpose-built student housing complex in Eugene, Ore. is located just three blocks from the University of Oregon campus.

551d85d6ea9bd883As a branch of CA Ventures, a housing company based in Chicago, Ill. with investments in over 70 properties across the United States, Uncommon knows what it takes to manage a successful property. From its celebrated customer service, central location, brand-new construction, all-inclusive amenities, and fully furnished units, Uncommon leaves no question of why students are flocking to the apartments, and people are flocking to invest. Guests can see for themselves the expertise this company holds from the moment they walk through the doors.

While Uncommon was one of the pioneers of the industry in Eugene, Ore., there are other competitors coming up in the area like 13th & Olive, The Hub on Campus and University House, to name a few. Each new competitor makes sure they they have the previously built amenities, and more.

This growing industry is something I would certainly consider investing my money in. I see it almost completely taking over private landlords in Eugene in the next eight years.

Mark my words!


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